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Consulting in the area of Sustainable Business Development

We are offering support in the following areas:

Market Analysis
Mainly in markets like Specialty Chemical, Sustainable Energy, Biogenic Waste, Wood Processing and Construction Industry PETEC Consulting is performing market surveys that allow the industry and/or the public services to evaluate the value and the validity of strategies, products and services.

Analysis of Companies
As a basis for the development of sustainable strategies PETEC Consulting is performing analysis of companies.

Temporary Assignments in Leadership Positions
For start-up companies as well as well established enterprises PETEC Consulting assumes temporary assignments in leadership positions. We are providing support to start-up companies in setting up their businesses, to companies that are dealing with succession planning, to enterprises that are realizing a new business strategy and accompany them during the implementation process.

Process-oriented Organizations/Management Tools
We are offering support in setting up, developing and implementing process oriented organizations/management tools as well as in integrating environmental, and/or health and/or safety aspects into existing process oriented management systems (Management-Systems). These management systems we regard as supporting tools and leadership instruments for implementing the strategy.

Management of Environmental and Safety Aspects
We are supporting the execution of environmental audits and of "Due Diligence" in cases of a planned take over. Set-up and development of Management-Systems for safety and environmental aspects (see above). Compiling of enviromental compatibilitiy reports.

Promotion of Sustainable Energy
We are actively supporting projects that are promoting ecologically forms of energy. By assuming leadership positions in communities of interests or companies who develop and/or market products and services that lead to the generation of sustainable energy.

Strategy Development and Implementation
We are supporting companies in developing and implementing sustainable strategies. Integrated, process oriented management-systems can support the implementation and guarantee for a sustainable success of the strategy. We are promoting the Balanced Scorecard approach. Companies that can translate their strategy into their measurement system are far better able to execute their strategy because they can communicate their objectives and their targets.